Why does Goan beauty with brains not work hard for her own resume, savings, why is she trying to frame citizens

In other parts of india, like Mumbai, people are focussing on working hard and making their own money legally, they do not waste their time and others time, in framing hardworking people making extremely flimsy excuses
However in goa, almost everyone the domain investor is interacting with online, is only interested in defaming, cheating, exploiting and framing her, to exploit her and steal her identity for the rest of her life.

After the liar elina, who falsely claimed that she was interested in purchasing a flower plant, when she was least interested in making payment of a small amount, now on olx , another fraudster beauty with brains, sent message on olx , in a clear attempt to frame the domain investor, engineer and make her agree to identity theft.

If the “beauty with brains” olx fraudster actually had any brains she would work hard and become famous on her own, instead of wasting her time trying to frame an experienced engineer, because she may or mostly not succeed in framing the experienced well trained engineer. Large companies train their engineers very well, so that there are no disputes at a later date, which could cause losses

However the engineer is very careful, and avoids interaction with these fraudsters in goa, after being cheated by siddhi mandrekar and others. why are goan women not interested in working hard and achieving anything on their own legally, why are they so shameless and greedy that they are always trying to frame, cheat and exploit hardworking engineers from top colleges .