Many goodlooking stylish women with flawless complexions dressed in black visiting goa alone or with another girlfriend

Since ntro is ruthless in hacking all the smartphones of the domain investor to cover up their sex, bribery racket, banking fraud on her, the domain investor has plenty of time while travelling to Mumbai to observe other people, their clothes, cosmetics and other aspects
While there some people who are living in goa, and tourists with families, she is noticing that there are some women with extremely fair flawless complexions who are travelling alone or with another girlfriend.
These young women, usually in their twenties are very well groomed and are usually wearing black clothes
The domain investor managed to spy on the boarding pass of one woman and found that her name was aayushi t
after doing some research she found out that aayushi did some modelling work
These women are extremely good looking
It would be interesting to find out what these women are doing in goa.