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Beijing Winkonlaser company, the manufacturer of beauty machines with best quality and price.

We have the latest HIFU facial and body lifting, 4 in 1 multifunctional machine, Cryolipolysis/lipo laser slimming, SHR, 808nm diode laser hair removal, 1064nm long pulse hair removal, thermal RF, IPL, laser tattoo removal, vaginal tightening laser, CO2 fractional laser, skin analyzer, laser hair regrowth…

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We are also looking for distributors for some of our machines.

Beauty and Medical Machines Manufacturer
Beijing Winkonlaser Technology Limited
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Latest HIFU- new technology for skin lift

Mailer from Sindy from Winkonlaser company.

the latest & effective facial lifting machine- -High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)

This is our new design, only need one time treatment, it can help skin back to 10 years ago! Only need 30-60mins treatment, you can see the obvious result on the spot.

Invalid refund, if there is no any effect, our company promise you that we will return back all your payment, we can make a statement before your order.

We are looking for distributors for this machine!

Besides, we also have 808nm diode laser, CO2 fractional laser, cryolipolysis device, ND: YAG laser….If you are interested in this machine, please let me know.


Beauty and Medical Machines Manufacturer
Beijing Winkonlaser Technology Limited
Mobile/ Whatsapp: 0086-13426254781

hyaluronic acid gel offer from chinese

India is very unfortunate that top officials are extremely mediocre poor quality men who do not value education, hardwork, experience of a woman, they judge a woman exclusively by her beauty and willingness to have SEX with them . If a woman will have SEX with top indian government employees , these top officials are willing to break all rules, shamelessly lie and abuse their power

So now they are taunting a woman domain investor sending emails of some skin treatment products,

manufacture of hyaluronic acid gel, :

Cross link Hyaluronic Acid Filler–Finlines,Medium Line, Deep Line, 1ml 2ml with syringe packing;
Cross link Hyaluronic Acid Filler–Subskin 5ml, 10ml, 20ml with syringe packing;
Hyaluronic Acid Gel –Viscoelastic agent in eye surgeries 1ml, 2ml, 3ml with syringe packing;
Hyaluronic Acid Gel –Injection for the treatment of osteoarthriti

Please feel free to contact if there is any questions;

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Vinod Khanna, nepotism and good looking actors in Bollywood

The death of the actor/MP Vinod Khanna on 27 April 2017 again highlighted the fact that nepotism has adversely affected bollywood. Till the seventies, many of the top actors were selected on the basis of their appearance, and acting skills, not on how well connected they were, came from diverse backgrounds. As a result, many of the top actors like Vinod Khanna, Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra were very good looking though they did not have a bollywood background. However in the last decade, most of the top actors, have powerful relatives or friends in Bollywood or are connected to celebrities. Compared to the top Bollywood actors 30-40 years ago, none of the top Bollywood actors in 2017 are very good looking, no one will look at them twice unlike Vinod Khanna in the movie ‘Mere Apne” where he is extremely handsome.
This problem is becoming widespread in all sectors, especially indian intelligence agencies like R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence agencies, where employees(brahmin frauds nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, siddhi, obc slut sunaina) like the bollywood actors in 2017, are selected because they have powerful friends and relatives, not on the basis of merit or competence.
In the long term, indian intelligence agencies will be affected, as they will only have average employees, just as the bollywood top actors are no longer outstanding in terms of appearance and acting skills , they are mostly average looking