Importance of perfect skin

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Skin, education and social status

A disturbing trend for those who are not lucky enough to have perfect skin, is that security and intelligence agency officials in India are increasingly judging the competence, education, wealth of an individual based on her appearance, particularly her skin. This is an extremely irrational, unscientific way of judging the education level, competence of a woman, however shockingly india is becoming increasingly regressive with the mindset of top officials worse than the kings who controlled india, before the british invaded india, and when women in India were largely uneducated.

Today officials in intelligence and security agencies are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to defame without proof, cheat, exploit, torture, harmless educated financially independent women, falsely claiming national security, when actually they are jealous of her, want to humiliate her and destroy her life. Due to the incompetence and poor systems of the top officials, these fraud officials are allowed to waste tax payer money for more than 6 years, harassing and defaming harmless single women out of hatred and greed.

In a clear indication of the incompetence, dishonesty, corruption of intelligence and security agency officials in goa, they are falsely claiming that eight standard pass housewife naina, mother of two sons, who has perfect skin, is an experienced engineer to waste indian tax payer money paying her a monthly salary. The mediocre fraud government employee naina will openly admit that she only studied till 8th standard, however cbi officials in Goa are incompetence and dishonesty personified, when they do not bother to verify facts, and make fake claims based on the quality of a woman's skin, a clear indication of the worsening status of women in India, especially goa.

These extremely incompetent powerful officials in goa are behaving like immature teenagers in college who are rating women solely on the basis of her appearance,beauty yet these officials are given great powers, allowed to get government jobs for housewives based on their assessment of the womans competence, education level. When the officials in goa are so incompetent, that they cannot even accurately judge or find out the education level of a woman, especially a housewife like naina, do they deserve so many discretionary powers and a monthly salary, paid with indian tax payer money. These incompetent indian government employees refuse to admit their mistake in making fake claims, and take sadistic pleasure defaming, humiliating highly educated women.

Any person who has studied science , knows that the skin of a person depends to a large extent on hereditary factors, the biological mother and father of the individual. If the mother and father both have flawless skin, the children are likely to have perfect skin. On the hand if either the father or mother has less than perfect skin, which is extremely oily, prone to blackheads, large pores, facial hair, the child may or may not have flawless skin, which can adversely affect the appearance of the individual. The education of an individual depends to a large extent on the intelligence, perseverance, and determination of the person and there are many people with poor skin, who are well educated.

In India, due to hereditary factors, most upper caste individuals have perfect or flawless skin, while the skin of the lower caste individuals will vary in quality. Most wealthy and powerful men will marry good looking women with flawless skin, so over a period of time, the bad skin gene in a family will have less influence and get suppressed. It is unfortunate that the security and intelligence agency officials are manipulating the rules so that their mediocre inexperienced lazy fraud relatives and friends who have perfect skin are able to steal the resume, investment of far more well qualified competent women and get government jobs in R&AW, CBI, intelligence agencies with FAKE RESUME, INVESTMENT.

The problem of determining the educational qualification, of a woman based on her appearance, skin quality is particularly severe in goa, karnataka where the top officials are extremely regressive, behave like uneducated fools with no science education, wasting indian tax payer money on good looking frauds with fake resumes, investment.

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