Sex maniac NTRO employees openly involved in lookism

If the ntro employees were identified they could face legal action for lookism, discriminating against women based on their appearance. Though the google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc has never done any work online, the shameless fraud sex maniac ntro employees led by j srinivasan are falsely claiming that sunaina ,the google, tata sponsored goan SEX worker who sleeps with them is an online expert and domain investor because the real domain investor is not good looking,
The godfather and sugar daddy of india’s top VVIP sex worker R&AW employee sunaina, j srinivasan has been taunting the domain investor, look at your face. Just because a woman is ugly it does not mean that she does not have any financial rights in a country like india which claims to be a democracy , where women have equal financial rights legally, .
An open question to the powerful fraud google, tata , cbi, ntro employees especially j srinivasan, why do they not pay the market price of the .in and .com domain names and get them legally transferred in the name of google, tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari R&AW employee VVIP SEX worker sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc. Now it is nearly 5 years since sunaina and other 9 google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees have been getting a monthly government salary for falsely claiming to own the domain names of a private citizen

Government employees have no right to comment on a womans skin

One of the more dangerous trends for women in India is how powerful indian government employees are subjecting harmless indian women to identity theft, wasting indian tax payer money, because they do not have flawless skin and are not good looking .
These identity theft victims are harmless private citizens trying to earn a fair living to cover expenses, the government employees are getting a good salary and pension, they have no right to steal a private citizens resume, savings just because she does not have perfect or flawless skin. While most upper caste women have flawless skin due to hereditary factors, it is unfair and unethical to discriminate against women who do not have perfect skin due to genetic factors
While women who are not good looking always face discrimination, when government employees are openly mocking them, it is a clear case of abuse of power.

High radiation levels cause microwave burns under skin,great pain

One of the most dangerous weapons used by ntro, security agencies on harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors are directed energy weapons which cause microwave burns.
These microwave burns are caused in the skin layer just below the top layer of the skin, and can be extremely painful. In most cases, the burns cannot be detected medically using conventional methods, however the pain experienced is real.
These weapons are extremely dangerous because the person who is misusing the weapons can attack from a distance, remain undetected , giving him or her the added advantage of deniability
The radiation is not visible, so there is no evidence of the directed energy radiation weapon attack.

Women from wealthy families have elaborate skincare routines

Like the family culture and traditions, skincare routines are also a family traditions. In families which have been wealthy for generations, the beauty of a woman will usually determine the marriage prospects of a girl, so young girls are taught to take proper care of their skin from a very young age. The skincare routine includes avoiding going out in the sun, as it can cause premature aging of the skin, wrinkles.
On the other hand , women from poor families often do not make enough money to have meals in the day and are least bothered about taking care of their skin. Their first priority is to make money to cover their daily expenses, they have to work very hard to make money. So they are generally satisfied with whatever skin they have, they do not take the precautions to prevent aging , as they do not have the money, time and inclination to do so

Beauty obsession started after Miss World, Miss Universe

The condition of indian women in the 1990’s was far better than young women in 2017, as there is too much pressure on looking good, compared to a few decades ago. Being simple was acceptable in indian society, as a personal choice in the 1990’s.
However after the Indian women Aishwarya rai, Sushmita sen won the Miss World and Miss Universe title, it appears that some extremely powerful and influential government officials were persuaded, to actively start discriminating against women based on their appearance.
These powerful officials refuse to acknowledge the fact that the beauty, skin of a woman largely depends on hereditary factors, it very unfair to discriminate against older women based exclusively on their appearance.
Older ugly women were systematically discriminated, denied opportunities and income they deserved, their experience and qualification is not valued at all, unlike men who are paid for their professional experience, qualification

Skin obsession indicator of worsening status of women in India

Fifteen years ago, educated women were treated with respect, valued for their education, professional qualifications and work experience, work ethic. However due to the extremely regressive and discriminatory attitudes of top indian intelligence and security agency employees , working conditions for indian women are worsening and the number of women in the workforce is decreasing rapidly.
In other countries in Asia, even muslim countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, the number of women in the workforce is increasing (measured as a %), however in India, due to the intense harassment of government officials, the number of women in the workforce is declining rapidly in the last decade.
Top government officials are only bothered about the beauty of a woman, they are least interested in her education, professional qualifications and experience. These beauty obsessed chauvanist government employees are allowed to run amok, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money to steal the resume of professionally qualified experienced women, engineers for mediocre lazy greedy fraud women like the cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons with flawless skin, who the fraud ntro , cbi employees falsely claims owns this website, when cbi employee naina has never registered a domain in her life.

Obsession with woman’s skin shows regressive nature of top officials

The indian government may waste a huge amount of tax payer money promoting womans education, however the true intentions of the government are revealed when senior top indian intelliegence and security agency employees especially in CBI, NTRO will openly discriminate against a woman because she does not have flawless skin.
These extremely powerful government employees are qualified engineers or professionals , yet they are extremely regressive , and refuse to acknowledge the time and effort a woman has to make to get a professional degree, investment of her own
Instead these regressive government employees have no qualms wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to force an experienced single woman engineer to give up her impressive resume, investment to a mediocre lazy greedy fraud women with flawless skin
Just because these top officials are obsessed with beauty, why is indian tax payer money wasted?
Why is it not possible for an indian citizen, to identity these employees and question the warped priorities of these indian government employees, their open discrimination against women who are not good looking ?

Caste and skin in India

In India, due to hereditary factors, most upper caste individuals have perfect or flawless skin, while the skin of the lower caste individuals will vary in quality. Most wealthy and powerful men will marry good looking women with flawless skin, so over a period of time, the bad skin gene in a family will have less influence and get suppressed.

It is unfortunate and unfair that the mainly upper caste security and intelligence agency officials are manipulating the rules so that their mediocre inexperienced lazy fraud relatives and friends who have perfect skin are able to steal the resume, investment of far more well qualified competent women and get government jobs in R&AW, CBI, intelligence agencies with FAKE RESUME, INVESTMENT.

The problem of determining the educational qualification, of a woman based on her appearance, skin quality is particularly severe in goa, karnataka where the top officials are extremely regressive, behave like uneducated fools with no science education, wasting indian tax payer money on good looking frauds with fake resumes, investment.

These powerful government officials are spineless irrational cowards who do not have the honesty and courage to defend their discrimination on the basis of skin quality in an open debate.

Hereditary factors determine skin

Any person who has studied science , knows that the skin of a person depends to a large extent on hereditary factors, the biological mother and father of the individual. If the mother and father both have flawless skin, the children are likely to have perfect skin.

On the hand if either the father or mother has less than perfect skin, which is extremely oily, prone to blackheads, large pores, facial hair, the child may or may not have flawless skin, which can adversely affect the appearance of the individual. The education of an individual depends to a large extent on the intelligence, perseverance, and determination of the person and there are many people with poor skin, who are well educated.

Many top intelligence and security agency officials are well qualified, however they have forgotten all their education, and use the most flimsy excuses to discriminate against women with flawed skin.

Tax payer money wasted due to obsession with flawless skin

Top indian intelligence and security agency employees are so obsessed with flawless skin of women that a huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted for nearly a decade, to steal the identity of a harmless woman engineer for a mediocre lazy greedy goodlooking fraud
Just like the mughal emperors were selective about the beauty of women in their harem, top intelligence and security agency employees are the modern day mughal emperors of india, with all female government employees (especially intelligence employees) the women in their harem, who should be carefully screened for their beauty, skin and appearance
Officially these women are recruited for their professional knowledge and skills, however in reality knowledge, skills, resume, investment and work can all be faked for indian government records. However the one factor which remains non negotiable is the beauty and skin of the government employee, unless she has beautiful flawless skin, a woman cannot be hired for an indian government job, unless she is very well connected