My Husband is Gone, but My Sense of Security is Back

I had to admit it, but living alone without a male in the house was harder than I thought it would be without some extra protection. I ended up having an ADT security system installed in my home after 4 months of being frightened night after night before I got the system installed. I just could not take it anymore. It pains me to say that I did not feel safe in my own home. However, I no longer have those same fears and I sleep so much easier now.

I was married to my husband for 25 years. We were never apart from one another at any point during those years, so I always felt safe every night. Continue reading “My Husband is Gone, but My Sense of Security is Back”

Getting Used to Washington DC Living Was Very Easy to Do in a Luxury Westbrooke Place Apartment

We have accumulated some things over the years. One thing about apartment living is having extra storage. If you have a house, you usually have an attic, garage or basement to put things in such as holiday decorations or your out of season wardrobe items. When we were looking for luxury apartments for Washington DC, we wanted a place that had extra storage available so as not to clutter up our closets or have storage bins stacked up wherever they might fit. Even those of us who like luxury places to live are not immune to having too many extra items for the storage space we have.

We were impressed with the ample closet sizes for the three bedroom apartment we rented at Westbrooke Place. Continue reading “Getting Used to Washington DC Living Was Very Easy to Do in a Luxury Westbrooke Place Apartment”

Taking a Virtual Tour of a Potential Apartment

This past month has been a whirlwind for me. I just started my first year of college, and has been a huge change for me. Along with starting a new school, I found myself looking for luxury apartments in Asheville NC. I chose the city because I knew that it would be close to all the places I would visit, and it would require that I sit in traffic in order to commute. My problem is that I did live in the area, so I had to choose an apartment based on what I saw on their website. It was a little scary at first, but I ultimately found the perfect apartment using this method.

The apartment community I selected was ideal because they had a lot of pictures online. Continue reading “Taking a Virtual Tour of a Potential Apartment”

Moving to Miami Because I Love It Here

When I was in college, I went on spring break with a few friends. None of us had been to Miami before, so it seemed as good a place as any to visit. While my friends were busy partying it up on the beaches there, I was taking in as much of Miami as I could. I fell in love with the city on my first visit there, and I went back twice before graduating. The last time was to look at some Miami Beach apartments for rent because I wanted to make sure I could afford to live there since I was going to starting at the bottom and working my way up at any job I would get.

When I looked at the apartments at Treasures on the Bay, I was really excited. I knew that with careful budgeting, I would be able to make it work because my dad had already told me he would help me out as well. Continue reading “Moving to Miami Because I Love It Here”

Two Men on Their Own

When it was time for me to get my own apartment, my parents were pretty supportive. Some parents have a hard time letting their children go, but eventually everyone has to leave the nest. It would have been even nicer if my parents agreed to pay my rent for a few months, but I guess you can’t always get everything that you want in life. My mom suggested that I take a look at the luxury apartments near Ballantyne NC. I wasn’t looking for anything in a luxury setting, but I was willing to give it a shot if I could find a good place.

Upon looking in Ballantyne, I found some pretty nice luxury apartments. Continue reading “Two Men on Their Own”

This Already Feels Like Home

When I looked at the Summerlin apartments in Las Vegas NV, I was more interested in finding out about the apartment and community amenities than I was at looking at the floor plans. I had found a lot of apartments that I really liked as far as their layout goes only to be disappointed when I looked at the features for the apartments. If I liked the interior, then I was disappointed with the common features for all the tenants. I finally learned my lesson and decided to look only at the features and amenities first.

I decided to look at the apartment first since that is where I would be spending most of my time when at home. I was happy to see that I would have either a private balcony if I was on an upper floor or a private patio if I was on the ground level. Continue reading “This Already Feels Like Home”

Things Are Much More Simple with Our New Place

I clapped with glee when my husband came home and said that he’d just been promoted and his boss told him to start looking for apartments for rent in Oceanside near the beach. We live just three cities over for several years, and we often got in the car on the weekend to drive out to Oceanside. We love it there. The fact that we now live there still feels like a dream to me. You can often find us sitting out on our back deck with our feet up and sipping a margarita. We feel like we are on vacation when we are at home now!

We both really love the beach. We visited the mountain several times, and we like it but it’s not the beach. My husband likes to kick off his shoes, throw on his swimsuit, and walk shirtless down the beach with his toes in the sand and listening to the ocean waves. We both love this way of life. on weekends, I also put together a small picnic basket with all sorts of tasty foods, and my husband grabs our big beach umbrella. Continue reading “Things Are Much More Simple with Our New Place”

Apartment with a Great View

When my wife died, I decided to sell my house and move to an apartment. The memory of my wife was all over my house, and I just couldn’t live there anymore. I just didn’t know where to begin to find a good apartment. I hadn’t lived in an apartment since before I was married and that was twenty years ago. I knew apartments had changed since then, and I did want a nice one with all of the amenities I kept hearing they have now. I did a internet search for luxury apartments in colton California.I found your website right away, and was thrilled. The apartment layout caught my eye right away.

I wanted a two bedroom, so I could have a office at home, when I wanted to work from home. We don’t have children so I didn’t have to worry about finding the perfect school district. One thing I loved was the location. It was close to great shopping and restaurants. Now that I am alone, I don’t cook a lot, so having good restaurants nearby for takeout is very helpful. I also like that I am not right on the beach, but I am close enough to take a day trip to just relax at the beach. I have done that a couple times since I moved in. It is very relaxing. I know my wife would have loved living this close to the beach. But not so close that you have to deal with the bad traffic all of the time.The price points were perfect for me too. I had money from the sale of my house, but I didn’t want to spend money like it was going out of style, also because I wanted to plan for my future burial and buy a new car too.

Looking for a Better Apartment

I have just now started to look around for a new place to live, checking out a bunch of different apartments for Mission Viejo. I have been looking at several of them today and I found a couple of really nice places, but I am not thinking that they are really practical because of the cost. At least it would not be too easy for me to rent a place like that if it were on my own. You can obviously get a two bedroom place, which requires a roommate. That costs less than twice as much, so if you split the rent you are paying three fifths as much as if you were renting a single bedroom place. If you had two roommates and a three bedroom place, then you are going to end up paying about two fifths as much. The problem is that you need more than just a roommate, you need a good roommate,

It is not any good to get a roommate that does not do the main thing that you need one to do. They have to be both willing and able to pay their part of the obligations. Continue reading “Looking for a Better Apartment”

I Felt Like a New Man

I noticed that when I started exercising, I would often hold my head down toward my right shoulder. I paid attention to how I was feeling after I noticed that, and that is when I detected a slight pain in my right shoulder after I started just about any kind of activity. It felt like it was a muscle pain, but I was not absolutely sure. I was not worried about it being my heart because I knew that the left arm is the indicator for that in men. I did a search for a San Francisco chiropractor because I wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing me pain.

I chose to visit a chiropractor over a doctor because I felt that a chiropractor would be able to help me more in this case. Continue reading “I Felt Like a New Man”