Tax payer money wasted due to obsession with flawless skin

Top indian intelligence and security agency employees are so obsessed with flawless skin of women that a huge amount of indian tax payer money is being wasted for nearly a decade, to steal the identity of a harmless woman engineer for a mediocre lazy greedy goodlooking fraud
Just like the mughal emperors were selective about the beauty of women in their harem, top intelligence and security agency employees are the modern day mughal emperors of india, with all female government employees (especially intelligence employees) the women in their harem, who should be carefully screened for their beauty, skin and appearance
Officially these women are recruited for their professional knowledge and skills, however in reality knowledge, skills, resume, investment and work can all be faked for indian government records. However the one factor which remains non negotiable is the beauty and skin of the government employee, unless she has beautiful flawless skin, a woman cannot be hired for an indian government job, unless she is very well connected