Beauty obsession started after Miss World, Miss Universe

The condition of indian women in the 1990’s was far better than young women in 2017, as there is too much pressure on looking good, compared to a few decades ago. Being simple was acceptable in indian society, as a personal choice in the 1990’s.
However after the Indian women Aishwarya rai, Sushmita sen won the Miss World and Miss Universe title, it appears that some extremely powerful and influential government officials were persuaded, to actively start discriminating against women based on their appearance.
These powerful officials refuse to acknowledge the fact that the beauty, skin of a woman largely depends on hereditary factors, it very unfair to discriminate against older women based exclusively on their appearance.
Older ugly women were systematically discriminated, denied opportunities and income they deserved, their experience and qualification is not valued at all, unlike men who are paid for their professional experience, qualification