Google, tata sponsored fair and lovely indian intelligence employee fraud architect kalpana natar, mother of a girl

To defame, deny a google competitor,obc single woman engineer the income and opportunities she deserved the shameless section 420 fraud google,tata employees recruited a large number of powerful intelligence and security agency officials in the fraud, promising lucrative jobs, a stake in the online business of the google competitor.
Though she is not mentioned repeatedly like sunaina, nayanshree, people should be aware of the shameless lazy greedy fair and lovely goan gsb fraud architect kalpana natar, mother of a girl, with curly hair, who was too mediocre and lazy to answer JEE, get her own engineering degree, relied on fraud ntro employees like anish to steal the resume, investment of a obc single woman engineer, to get a lucrative intelligence job with fake resume, fake investment
While CBI, IB, R&AW are not so dangerous, the domain investor cannot even mention the name of the indian intelligence agency because most citizens appear to very frightened of this intelligence agency
In India, it appears that unlike israel where competence matters, women are recruited in indian intelligence agencies, solely on the basis of their appearance, with mediocre good looking fair tall women have an unfair advantage