India’s top domain fraudster R&AW employee indore fair complexioned crook bespectacled deepika has a flawless complexion

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The indore crook deepika is considered to be like legendary Mastani with a flawless fair complexion from Bundelkhand, who married the Bajirao Peshwa, the powerful prime minister of the Maratha rule. Like Mastani, it appears that the fair complexioned indore crook deepika has seduced the top intelligence and security agency officials in Maharashtra, who are willing to do whatever she asks them to, abusing their powers
Why does the google, tata sponsored R&AW employee greedy lazy beautiful fraud deepika not register her own domains, start her own websites, spending her own time and money instead of behaving like a section 420 fraud and falsely claiming to own the domain names, websites of a google competitor who she has never interacted with and has no connection with