NTRO employees should purchase domains for their beautiful girlfriends,relatives why make ugly women pay all the expenses

The resignation of Vishal Sikka from Infosys again highlighted the lack of professionalism, honesty and humanity in the indian internet and IT sector where powerful NTRO, CBI, security agency employees, companies make false allegations against ugly older women without any proof and then falsely claim that their beautiful lazy greedy relatives, friends and sex partners, who do not spend any money online, own the domain names of ugly women, to get the beautiful frauds lucrative R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs with monthly salary.

The cunning fraud shameless google, tata employees who have masterminded the online fraud irrationally justify it saying that in India, they want domain names to be owned by beautiful women. If these well paid google, tata, ntro, cbi employees want the domains to be owned by beautiful women, why not pay the market price of the domain names, and purchase them for the beautiful women, get them legally transferred in their name. The fraud started in 2010, and more than 7 years later, the google, tata sponsored beautiful indian intelligence employees like goan gsb fraud extortionist housewife riddhi nayak and their associates are not showing any indication that they will purchase the domain names, and pay the annual expenses.

An open question to google, tata, ntro, cbi, security agency employees why are they making ugly women who have limited options pay all the domain and online expenses since 2010, and then falsely claiming that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud girlfriends, who do not spend any money, own the domains of the ugly woman, to pay the good looking frauds a monthly indian government salary