Flawless skin is not a valid excuse for paypal, financial fraud in India

One of the greatest frauds of google, tata is how they are justifying the great financial, resume theft fraud on a harmless google competitor since 2010, saying that only women with flawless skin should be recognized as domain investors. paypal account holders though they are not doing any work online and are not investing any money online, in a clear case of DISCRIMINATION against the real paypal account holder.
The frauds like ntro employees puneet are using voice to skull technology to taunt upskin, saying that regressive top government employees are abusing their powers to dupe people that good looking lazy fraud housewives and cheaters with flawless skin, who do not spend any money online,own the domain names, paypal account of the google competitor, to pay these good looking frauds a monthly government salary at the expense of the google competitor
The skin of a person depends to a large extent on hereditary factors and top government employees have no right to discriminate against a woman and deny her financial rights to her hard earned money, just because she does not have flawless skin.