Flawless complexioned Kareena Kapoor, darling of indian media, gets negative coverage on quora

The indian mainstream media always covers the bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor with flawless skin, favorably and there is almost no negative news about her in the indian mainstream media. However on Quora, almost all the members who have met her personally are posting extremely negative comments on her, that she is very arrogant, does not have manners, and it appears to be a family trait .
Most of the members of quora are well educated professionals or studying in good colleges, so it is surprising that almost all of them are posting negatively about a celebrity who is getting a lot of brand endorsements and positive coverage in the indian mainstream media.
It would be interesting to find how Kareena Kapoor manages to uniformly get positive , flattering coverage in the indian media, when most indian citizens who have personally met her, have negative comments about her lack of manners. In fact her sister Karishma Kapoors ex husband was praised by the person passing negative comments on Kareena Kapoor and her family.