Government jobs mainly reserved for good looking women

Government jobs are in great demand, so the government agencies can choose who ever they want and mainly good looking women are selected, especially in intelligence agencies. The ugly google competitor never expected anything from the government or other agencies, companies other than selling advertising on her websites and some domain names.

However in a very cruel form of mental torture, the cruel ntro employee puneet, creates the illusion that the google competitor is eligible for some lucrative prize or reward or lucrative assignment, which she does not get at all because she refused to give his lazy greedy sex worker , cheater friends credit for work they do not do.
In reality the google competitor would never get any position or assignment because all government positions are reserved for the relatives, friends and those offering bribes like indore cheater housewife veena and good looking, charming women,
However the fraud ntro employee puneet is always looking for an excuse to stalk, sexually harass, monitor, the google competitor, so he falsely claims that she is being considered for a position using voice to skull technology, so that he can stalk her wasting indian tax payer money, steal her correspondence, retiremennt savings, misuse her name. Almost all the domains are available for sale at the market price.

It is time that NTRO, indian government is honest that all positions are reserved for good looking charming women and leave the google competitor, a harmless ugly private citizen alone, treat her like any other citizen..