James Danmore was sacked because he was not goodlooking enough as part of google’s open bias against ugly people

James Danmore should be congratulated for filing a case against Google which has destroyed the life of many innocent harmless people worldwide trying to increase the profit, ruthlessly destroying competition

It is increasingly clear that google has a very toxic culture, openly discriminating against those who are not good looking enough. Google has openly discriminated against women who are not good looking enough, bribing officials in countries like india to steal their identity for mediocre lazy greedy good looking frauds like riddhi nayak,. nayanshree hathwar, deepika, asmita patel, ruchika king,sunaina,siddhi veena, naina and others
Looking at the photo of James Danmore, for a victim of a google identity theft fraud in India, it apppears that he was sacked, mainly because he is not good looking enough, as part of google open lookism, discrimination against individuals who do not have perfect facial features.