Most rich and powerful men have good looking girlfriends, wives

It is a well established fact that most rich and powerful men have good looking girlfriends, wives, as they can choose the best looking women as their wives, they are in demand . These women are conventionally beautiful, with sharp facial features, thick lustrous hair, flaw less complexion, fair skinned, tall, have a fairly good figure, slim, however they may not have a very impressive professional resume and savings of their own.

The google competitor and engineer is not good looking, so she was aware that it was unlikely that she would get married, and she had planned her finances accordingly. It is one of the greatest financial frauds in the world, that powerful fraud ntro employees are falsely claiming to be wellwishers, helping her, when they steal her resume, savings, correspondence, and memory, when there is no connection between these powerful men and the engineer
The engineer had never contacted these men, does not know how to contact almost all of them, yet it is a very great fraud that these indian government employees are falsely claiming to know her well, to get their inexperienced, lazy mediocre girlfriends lucrative R&AW/cbi jobs with the stolen resume, savings since 2010.

So it is time that ntro, raw, cbi end the fake reference fraud on the google competitor and be honest about the resume, investment of their lazy fraud employees and stop stealing the resume, investment of experienced engineer, interfering in her life, falsely claiming to help her, when they hate her