Narrowminded Intolerant narcissitic internet sector officials refuse to acknowledge investment of women with flawed skin

Working online is a waste of time and money for women with flawed skin in 2018 because the extremely narrow minded regressive intolerant narcissitic internet sector officials bribed by google,tata are refusing to acknowledge the investment, effort and time spent by women who do not have perfect skin
In a clear case of discrimination, financial fraud, these powerful fraud officials who cannot be identified or held accountable, are falsely claiming that a fair skinned school dropout gujju housewife who has never invested a single paisa on domain names, owns the domain names of a single woman engineer to pay the gujju housewife a monthly salary at the expense of the domain investor

In a classic example of misgovernance in India that such narrow minded, prejudiced dishonest government employees are allowed to run amok and hire women for permanent government jobs based only on their complexion, skin quality , making 100% fake claims about their investment, while ruthlessly defaming, cheating and exploiting a woman domain investor who does not have perfect skin. If they did not want the ugly woman with a blotchy complexion to own the domain names, they should pay the market value and purchase the domain names, as long as they do not do so, it is a clear case of financial fraud.

The skin of a woman depends to a large extent on hereditary factors, and if government employees are refusing to acknowledge the investment of a woman just because she does not have perfect skin, they are violating the indian constitution which says that all indian citizens are equal.