Caste and skin in India

In India, due to hereditary factors, most upper caste individuals have perfect or flawless skin, while the skin of the lower caste individuals will vary in quality. Most wealthy and powerful men will marry good looking women with flawless skin, so over a period of time, the bad skin gene in a family will have less influence and get suppressed.

It is unfortunate and unfair that the mainly upper caste security and intelligence agency officials are manipulating the rules so that their mediocre inexperienced lazy fraud relatives and friends who have perfect skin are able to steal the resume, investment of far more well qualified competent women and get government jobs in R&AW, CBI, intelligence agencies with FAKE RESUME, INVESTMENT.

The problem of determining the educational qualification, of a woman based on her appearance, skin quality is particularly severe in goa, karnataka where the top officials are extremely regressive, behave like uneducated fools with no science education, wasting indian tax payer money on good looking frauds with fake resumes, investment.

These powerful government officials are spineless irrational cowards who do not have the honesty and courage to defend their discrimination on the basis of skin quality in an open debate.