Obsession with woman’s skin shows regressive nature of top officials

The indian government may waste a huge amount of tax payer money promoting womans education, however the true intentions of the government are revealed when senior top indian intelliegence and security agency employees especially in CBI, NTRO will openly discriminate against a woman because she does not have flawless skin.
These extremely powerful government employees are qualified engineers or professionals , yet they are extremely regressive , and refuse to acknowledge the time and effort a woman has to make to get a professional degree, investment of her own
Instead these regressive government employees have no qualms wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money to force an experienced single woman engineer to give up her impressive resume, investment to a mediocre lazy greedy fraud women with flawless skin
Just because these top officials are obsessed with beauty, why is indian tax payer money wasted?
Why is it not possible for an indian citizen, to identity these employees and question the warped priorities of these indian government employees, their open discrimination against women who are not good looking ?