Things Are Much More Simple with Our New Place

I clapped with glee when my husband came home and said that he’d just been promoted and his boss told him to start looking for apartments for rent in Oceanside near the beach. We live just three cities over for several years, and we often got in the car on the weekend to drive out to Oceanside. We love it there. The fact that we now live there still feels like a dream to me. You can often find us sitting out on our back deck with our feet up and sipping a margarita. We feel like we are on vacation when we are at home now!

We both really love the beach. We visited the mountain several times, and we like it but it’s not the beach. My husband likes to kick off his shoes, throw on his swimsuit, and walk shirtless down the beach with his toes in the sand and listening to the ocean waves. We both love this way of life. on weekends, I also put together a small picnic basket with all sorts of tasty foods, and my husband grabs our big beach umbrella. We can now walk right across the street and have an impromptu picnic and watch the sun go down over the water at sunset whenever we want to.

We are both really proud of the new place that we rented. It actually has 3 bedrooms which is really nice when you want to have guests over. Where we lived before and another city, people came to see it, but there really wasn’t a whole lot to do there. Often, we had to pack up the car, get everybody in the car and drive here. But that was tough to do on a daily basis, so it was usually a one-time thing when people came to visit. Now, all our guests even have the ability to run down to the beach on their own if they wish because it’s located just 100 yards from our front door.