Taking a Virtual Tour of a Potential Apartment

This past month has been a whirlwind for me. I just started my first year of college, and has been a huge change for me. Along with starting a new school, I found myself looking for luxury apartments in Asheville NC. I chose the city because I knew that it would be close to all the places I would visit, and it would require that I sit in traffic in order to commute. My problem is that I did live in the area, so I had to choose an apartment based on what I saw on their website. It was a little scary at first, but I ultimately found the perfect apartment using this method.

The apartment community I selected was ideal because they had a lot of pictures online. This is important because as I mentioned, I would not be able to see the apartment prior to moving in. It didn’t make sense for me to take a trip all the way down there for a quick visit, so I opted for a virtual tour instead. I was really impressed with all of the information available online. They made it really easy for me to understand what the apartments would look like on the outside, as well as everything that I would find inside my new apartment home.

I was able to view the floor plans, measure my current apartment, and then compare the size of each from the comfort of my current home. This is how I figured out what size apartment I would need in the new place. It really wasn’t that difficult, and it made me more confident in the fact that I was choosing the right apartment for me. I was able to use the website to indicate my move-in date and the number of bedrooms I desired, and it showed me what was available. It was really easy to use.