Getting Used to Washington DC Living Was Very Easy to Do in a Luxury Westbrooke Place Apartment

We have accumulated some things over the years. One thing about apartment living is having extra storage. If you have a house, you usually have an attic, garage or basement to put things in such as holiday decorations or your out of season wardrobe items. When we were looking for luxury apartments for Washington DC, we wanted a place that had extra storage available so as not to clutter up our closets or have storage bins stacked up wherever they might fit. Even those of us who like luxury places to live are not immune to having too many extra items for the storage space we have.

We were impressed with the ample closet sizes for the three bedroom apartment we rented at Westbrooke Place. What got me is how this place even offers a complimentary breakfast for each weekday. That was a marker for me that we were living in an area where people are very busy and enjoy a lot of convenience. I use the indoor heated lap pool every evening after work. My wife joins me for some laps a few days per week. She works out at the fitness center more than I do. I prefer jogging and swimming to stay fit.

Our apartment is very nice with a liberal use of granite and fine wood. Granite in the kitchen with a stone and glass backsplash really looks nice. It fits well with the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. We like being right here close to Georgetown and DuPont Circle. We enjoy the shops and restaurants and all the activities we can get involved in. Our work life is busy, but we do take time to enjoy living here in the DC area. Some people don’t do much except work and go home. We have more of a balance in our life.