My Husband is Gone, but My Sense of Security is Back

I had to admit it, but living alone without a male in the house was harder than I thought it would be without some extra protection. I ended up having an ADT security system installed in my home after 4 months of being frightened night after night before I got the system installed. I just could not take it anymore. It pains me to say that I did not feel safe in my own home. However, I no longer have those same fears and I sleep so much easier now.

I was married to my husband for 25 years. We were never apart from one another at any point during those years, so I always felt safe every night. When he passed away, I was more focused on the fact that he was gone from my life and not so much on how unsafe I would feel without him. The pain of not being able to see him hit me each day. For the first week, I fell asleep early and woke up early because I missed him so much. However, after my mind began to clear after the first week without him, I was up late one night and saw a strange man outside in my front yard. That was when my fears started.

After seeing the strange man that one night, I found myself obsessing every day about whether the man would come back again and possibly try to get into my home. I longed for my husband, but that was no help. After months of that, it finally occurred to me that I needed help. Calling ADT was important because it gave me back the sense of peace that was missing for so long in my home. I wish that I would have realized that I should have had an alarm installed much sooner because then I could have grieved in peace each day and night.